I was walking in the AM air

With all the street lights off.

These friends I know declined a walk,

So I left behind their scoffs.


On a bench, still wet with dew,

I gazed into the ink,

Dripping black and endlessly,

Were two stars along the brink.


They danced around each other,

Never losing sight.

All the other stars had vanished,

Overshadowed by their light.


Vivid white, they had burned–

The hottest flame of all.

They came in closer until they touched–

Fire now enthralled.


Their energy had mounted

To such great extremes,

That from here on Earth I heard

Echoed songs like fading dreams.


But it only was a moment

That the night lit up like day,

And a second later it was gone–

Dimmer stars were redisplayed.


I looked to buildings far and near

To see who else had seen.

The scene, however glorious,

Seemed to have trusted only me.


Had I chosen bravery

To share with those I knew,

The wonders of that strange night

Would’ve been lost on those few.


By accident I found a man,

Someone who I could trust,

And we danced around each other,

Until we finally touched.


He too saw those stars collide–

I know this for a fact.

When he told me, it was silence

That brought that moment back.


We only had one day to burn,

To mourn those stars that died.

But with him, those stars reminded me

What it meant to be alive.